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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. >> it is a big day in the silver state. the nevada caucuses are starting to quick off. the doors have officially opened. they're not making any predictions on the turn out just yet. >> that is true, but they are hoping the party faithful turn out and we join terri hendry at reno high school that is the largest caucus location. >> reporter: well, joe and shelby, the republican caucus is a little bit different from what we saw on saturday with the democratic caucus where the help of my photographer, let's walk you through it and show you the difference. this is the line to check in. this location at reno high school has 23 precincts. don't let the length of this line that snakes all the way out the door intimidate you. i'm told that the process here so. so really not that long. and then i'm going to snake my way through here and show you where you sign in.
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preprinted ballot that ballot will still contain some of the names of candidate whose are no longer running like jerk bush, but don't let that intimidate you either. see, this is where they get your ballot. they sign in. and you have to be a registered republican to vote in this caucus that is different than what we saw in the democratic caucus on saturday where you could register on site. you cannot do that at this location of any other location. >> you still look good. >> thank you very much, sir. >> reporter: i have a lot of fans and admirers and i love it. let me take you inside if you can make your way. >> okay. she is being too active. she shorted out her camera. >> just with all of the admirers, too. the republicans across the state are, of course, casting the ballot this is caucus night. van tieu is at trainer middle school part of the republican party there and there are new technological
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year. >> reporter: yes, there is, joe, and really there has been a stream of folks steadily checking in since 5:00 and i am actually in one of the 25 precinct rooms. and much like how we were spraining, the prose really is quite simple. however, there are changes to stream line the process. for one, there are more caucus locations. for registered republicans, there are 28 locations in washoe county and in 2012, there were only 11. so it is definitely a lot more locations to report to. and also new this year, site leader also use smart phones to report their precinct results around 8:30. they will photograph the result and send toilet the party leaders. these changes are really meant to stream ryan and expedite the process. washoe county republican chairman tells me he think this will be the most organized caucus it has ever hosted. the turn out will be a big question, of course, and in
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up to caucus in nevada so that is only about 8% of the republican voters in the state turning out so as you mentioned earlier, the republican party not making predictions tonight but remaining hopeful. in fact, i actually spoke to a woman who said she wasn't really familiar with the process until this recollection and tonight will be her first time caucusing so we're expecting hopefully the republican party is expecting a bigger turn out. they say that engage nevada actually noticed a bump in registration for registered republicans before that february 13th deadline so we will see how it all turns out toned and we will have those results and they start counting those around 8:30. so follow my news and here on news 4 for your latest nevada republican caucus results. reporting live, van tieu, news 4. thank you, van. it has been a busy day around here. donald trump and ted cruz made a final push in northern nevada before the caucuses.
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hayden joins us in the studio. trump spent a lot of his speech this afternoon talking about his opponent. >> he sure did, shelby. trump spoke for about an hour inside the nugget casino in spark this is afternoon talking a lot about respect candidate ted cruz. he told the crud of 4,000 cruz is the biggest liar he has ever seen. he also fired him up with his typical talking points which included his plans to build a wall along the mexican border, plus his plans of taking isis military. he also talked about the republican candidate marco rubio. however, he said rubio is a nice young man and that he wouldn't talk about him like he talks about cruz, at least for now. >> he has not hit me. i'm treating him nicely. when he hits me o, is he going to be hit. actually i can't wait. i said that about cruz. we were both being very nice and he was being very noise and all of a sudden he said
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said thank goodness, it is file. >> and on the other hand, ted cruz focused much of his speech in carson city on the nevada caucus. he urged the nevadans at the event inside a brewery art centntr to get out and vote tonight and to encourage others to caucus with them. the nevada attorney general opened the rally for cruz again this afternoon. cruz also campaigned this morning before heading to carson city. during his event this afternoon, he said nevadans have a chance to make a difference tonight. >> the country is watching you tonight. in 2012, about 32,000 nevadans showed up. here in carson city, fewer than 2,000 showed up. if every person here got nine other people to come out and vote tonight, the men and women in this room would more than double the turn out of four queers ago. >> both cruz and trump headed down to las vegas after their event in northern nevada today for watch parties in las vegas
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thank you. joining us to breast cancer down what is happening is the professor prom truckee meadows community college. good the see you fen. thank you for joining us. >> good to see you. >> is in anything stopping donald trump in nevada tonight? what do you predict? >> i don't think in nevada. h he has such a lead that i suspect even -- there will be some confusion because they had to be registered by the 13th but i think he will prevail quite comfortably. >> you said the more interesting battle could shape up to be for second place. >> clearly. this is a continue us of south carolina. both cruz and rubio have campaigned heavily. at this point in time i'd give the edge to rubio, but we have such a conservative population turning out for the republican caucus, that could help cruz. [ and cruz has obvious -- obviously he hit a stumbling block this week do you see problems with maybe the way his campaign is moving along? >> it is. it isn't catching fire the way it needs to. clearly bad press involving his communication and bad practices. these are not good things to
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>> and then what about turn out, how important is it for nevada, for the republicans to have a good turn out to secure this spot in the campaign? >> it is very important to do better than 2012 in terms of how it was run. hopefully that's more successful. they're not going to get a good turn out and that does hurt us, both us and the democrats. 2020. j and in super tuesday is in a week do you see any surprises super tuesday? >> i think we'll rook back realizing that nevada was pivotal in both the republican and democratic races. this could be a very good week coming from both hillary and for trump. >> all right. and the caucus process, it seems like when you ask voters frustration. it was kind of chaotic in places on saturday with the democrats and it doesn't seem like voters love the process, but is this caucus system here to stay, do you think? >> i think they'll reconsider they need to.
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will be a cleaner process, more participation. we're not doing well in the caucuses. >> we just watched the interview with donald trump during his appearance earlier today. as political science expert, you watch what is happening with the race do you shake your head? do you marvel at the success trump seems to be having? >> well, it is clearly a great year to with an outsider and both he and sanders are clearly benefiting from the mood of voters. i hope both major parties are listening loudly because they clearly are not happy with what they have been dealing with so far. >> organizally, do you expect thinses to go smoothly with the caucus procedure tonight? up. again, they really needed it because we were embarrassed to the entire nation in 2012. >> the process does work differently when it comes to the democrats. and the republicans more like you just show up and vote. >> exactly. it is a caucus in name only because you will come in to ballot. they are encouraging the
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and talk politics just to get to know each other. it will be a five-minute process once they get the registration process done. >> we'll see how it goes, professor. >> thank you. >> thank you for your insight and it should be an interesting night ahead. >> we'll see. >> shelby, back to you. >> thank you, joe. news 4 will with bringing you full coverage of the republican caucus at the top of every four tolling news 4 nightly. we'll take cut-ins every hour until our 11:00 m. show and have our regular 11:00 p.m. coverage tonight on all the of the aspents of today's caucus event. so a lot to come. still ahead on news 4 we have been getting a few questions from viewers about the caucuses, including who decides when they are held. joe will tell you what he found out about that coming up in his later on. and are you a frequent amazon prime? how much your ship willing now coul ?in. >> lock out. take a look at this from the observation deck at heavenly.
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welcome back. coming up, colin has your full forecast, but first, amazon raises the before on free shipping. the internet giant has upped the shipping threshold for non- prime members. instead of $35, shoppers must now spend $49 in order to receive free shipping. insiders say that the increase is an attempt by amazon to get more people to sign up for amazon prime which offers free shipping on all amazon purchases regardless of the amount. well, according to a recent survey by mortgage company loan depot, 46% of homeowners expect an increase in their home's equity this year. 85% expect as much as 10% rise in their home's equity, however, the industrywide
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between 2.3% and 2.7% this year. only 3% of the homeowners expect their equity to fall in 2016 and 27% expect it to joe? thank you. a local dodge for -- doctor is allowing certain children to use medical marijuana. these kids are experiencing severe epilepsy and are seeing very positive results. one had 3,000 seiziers a day. in his 13 years of life he slept a total of 50 nightsened now has almost zero issues with sleeping. this drug is not able to be tested now, but the doctors want this ability so they can treat their patients more accurately. >> it would be really great to be able to have some testing and know, you know, specifically if there are certain kind of seizures that rerespond wetter to certain kinds of compounds in the marijuana plant. the doctor does not advocate the yous of medical
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it to those with severe epilepsy. well, if you traveled on interstate 80 west heading towards is about, you have probably noticed the great western market place in northwest reno and probably wondered what is inside. >> you know, it is definitely in the a flea market. everything has to be vetted. we don't allow any used items unless they are antiques or collectibles. >> that gives you a better idea. right after the break, news 4's bill frankmore has the story and gives us a tour of the great western market place, so stay tuned for that. colin? >> yeah. bill is always shopping in the afternoon. he has that schedule. golf clubs mainly i hear, golf balls, that is the kind of deal he is looking for. squaw valley just at sunset. the days are getting longer, everybody and that means more time to get out there and get stuff done. you know what? it is going to be warm this week. close to 70 by friday. in some spots. it is going to be very interesting.
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i call them testy because they prevented us from getting to 60 degrees today. we've got scattered showers on the radar and the pacific northwest. so our high was 54. 53 is the average. the record for today is 71. that kind of heat for this area could return by friday. until then, just enjoy gradual warming. five, six, seven degrees a day to finish off the rest of the week. 43 in elko. 75 in monterey on the coast that is hot for them. mid 40s to our east now. 41 in carson city and it is 41 in the truckee area as well so we have clouds coming and going you'll see crystal clear skies and then we'll cloud up a little bit from time to time. future clouds and radar, passing clouds for tomorrow and for thursday as well. and we'll have mostly sunny skies to partly cloudy skies
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that will provide for nice weather no rain. great sunrises and sunsets. it will be cool in eli down to nine and eureka drops off to 10 and then we have temperatures ranging from 18 to 27 for overnight lows. winnemucca goes to 57. those will turn into high 60s by thursday and 70 by friday. overnight lows cool in 18. and here we are getting closer to town with numbers like 25 for carson city overnight. 62 the high. 64 in men deny. around the lake, we'll see freezing numbers overnight as usual. truckee drops off to 18. mid 50s for highs. mostly sunny.
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springs goes to 63. susanville, and for us frozing, and low 60s for highs. the east winds at five to 10 miles per hour and for the buses and the kids, if they go around 7:00, it is a chilly start. and if they go at 6:00, they ear really early. about the same. chilly start and a few high clouds around. carson city, rainfall chance, very slight on saturday, 30% and south lake tahoe, 30% chance of snow, mainly overnight. and then we have highs go ing into the 50-degree range there. so we'll spike it up to the upper 6 #s this friday and then we cool down a little bit. to have 60 on the weekend is pretty darn nice. you skied this weekend in the heat. how was isn't it? >> it was gorgeous. beautiful blue skies. the snow gets a little slushy by the afternoon, but it is so nice. but we want more snow. >> wear right at that point where we need a little more. >> i'll steer clear on that. >> and other people want to golf, too. >> they have the whole summer. >> thanks, colin. >> and tax season has
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of americans are filing their paperwork. left-handed hitter on in the show, the national correspondent explains a change in a chance of getting audited. oh, no. >> just the word makes you nervous. some of you may not know what is inside or may not even know it is a store actually.
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us on a journey to the great >> welcome back. at more than 160,000 square feet, it is hard to miss, but chances are a lot of you have no idea what is inside. >> we're talking about the great western market place in northwest reno and we know it has been open for a year and a half but ha is inside really remain as mystery to a lot of
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toc story. >> reporter: this is what many of us picture when we mention the great western market place, the massive building near the off ramp. if you have driven by wondering what exactly is it, you're not aroan. >> no idea. we were coming back from cabelas, saw it, managed to stop by and see what is here. >> reporter: once inside you may still be a little confused by this unique concept that hasn't quite yet caught the community by storm. >> we bat that will every day. we're an indoor market place. we coin the term incubator where small businesses looking for a second location can come in as low as $200 a month. we're open friday, saturday and sunday to maximize shopping days and it is their business. they run it as their business. we're just the land lord. >> reporter: that is it as a nutshell, but at 16 6,000 square feet, we still have a lot lot of explaining to do.
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space here, telling everything from tiny trinkets to atvs. you can buy real estate, wine, sports meme beale why and antiques. but if you're thinking indoor flea market, don't say that around great western's director of marketing. >> yeah, that is a bad word around here. so it is definitely not a flow market. everything has to be vetted. we didn't allow any used items unless they are antiques or collectibles. >> reporter: the plan take as lot of the stress off of them. the overhead is low and the leases are short. >> you're not trapped into a long-term lease, three-or four- year lease in a brick and mortar store where you have all of the other expenses to go with it. >> you get yourself started, you understand how the business environment works. >> to say there is a lot of room for growth here might be an under statement. there is still room for 110
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working on anchor stores to take up a lot of this empty space. >> are you happy with where you guys are right now? >> yeah, i think we're happy, but we'd be happier if we had more tenants and we're working hard every day to do that. >> so the next time you're driving by the big building off the freeway, shop around or maybe even start your own business. bill frankmore, news 4. again, the great western market place is open friday and saturday from 11:00 to 7:00 and sunday 11:00 to 4:00. if you'd like to check it out for yourself, you can do and, specific, this story will be on my news for more information. joe? thank you, shelby. straight ahead, a big night ahead as we have been talking about for the republicans, and one of our viewers wants to know who picks the caw cause dates and why do the parties have them on different days here in nevada? that is coming up in my ask joe segment after the break. a majority of the republican presidential candidates are in nevada today.
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brings you live welcome back. a question about the caucuses here, a hot topic lately and doug write in asking why the democratic and the republican caucuses are held on different days. his thinking it might help turn out if they are combined. the parties are in full control of the caucuses. the constituent and the county do not get involved. i checked over at the democratic headquarters and they have held their caucuses on saturdays the past two election cycles and had success with that so they wanted to stay consistent with that. this year their caucus was held this past saturday. >> and the party pretty much dictated the options when it came to caucus scheduling for the republicans. and they say there wasn't a lot of leeway because they needed
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carolina primary which was last saturday and sometime before super tuesday which is a week from today. they chose tonight, of course, to hold their caucuses. so those are the different strategies that go into scheduling the caucuses. it doesn't sound like there was much in the we of communication between the two sides to cord nay, but it is politics afterall. as for tonight's causes, there are 28 locations in washoe county, up from 11 the last time around in 2008 so the republicans are hoping for a around. thanks to doug for sending in that question. remember, if you do have questions you would like to ask, send me an e-mail at judgement hart and just put ask joe in the subject line andly do my best to track down whatever answers you are looking for. and time now for our news 4 web poll question. who do you think will win nevada's republican caucus tonight? here are the results so far. 66% of you say donald trump. still plenty of time to vote as you look at the other numbers for the other candidates and
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facebook page krnv news 4. shelby, back over to you. >> let's turn things over and we send things out now to van tieu. she is at the middle skew with the latest there. van? >> reporter: good evening. there has been a steady stream of folks checking in for tonight's republican caucus. i'm actually in one of the 25 precinct rooms at the middle schoolened the prose is really simple however, there have been some chains made to stream line the process and organize it a little better. as joe mentioned in his ask joe file, there are 28 caucus locations up from 11 in 2012 and new this year, site leaders will also use computers, and they will photograph the results and send it to the party leaders. it is meant to extradite the process. the leader tells me this will
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it has ever hosted -- caucus it has ever ever hosted. 8% of the registered republican voters in the state will show. the party tonight not making predictions on turn out but remaining hopeful, of course. engage nevada reported a surge in voter registration before the republican party days deadline. you do have to be a registered republican to participate tonight, so -- excuse me. i also spoke to one and she is pretty hopeful as well. and she never really knew much about the caucusing process until this process. she is an older lady and tonight will be her first time caucusing so the republican party hoping for a good turn out tonight that will be also important for for the party, hoping for a healthy turn out tonight. so that day -- so that they can keep their stance here, nevada as an early voting state for the republican party. reporting live at trainer middle school, van tieu, news 4.
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straight ahead tonight, the syrian government and a major opposition group made a big announcement today.
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what about the likelihood of you getting audited? our national correspondent take as look at who might get that dreaded audit notice. >> reporter: it is the season for taxes. and for some fear of a possible audit. >> and there is an urban myth that the the irs is a guess stoppa and that is not the case. >> reporter: according to the most recent irs data, those odds are less than 1% for middle income filers. they go up with income levels,
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no idea at all. and audits aren't as arduous as you may think. >> what you see in the movies probably, you know, the irs agent knocking on your door, baugh lot of the time you just get a letter from the irs. and here is something to keep in mind, just because the irs sends you an audit letter doesn't necessarily mean you'll owe more money. >> a also of times the irs just has a question. >> reporter: and whether or not you get audited also comes down to your actions, not just your income, like taking excessive deductions, failing to report all taxable income, or taking an early pay-out from a retirement account. all red flags. the best way a taxpayer can prepare in case of an audit it is good recordkeeping. >> the time to do tax planning and think about your tax return is not in march, but in the 12 months preceding march. >> reporter: in washington. in terror-related news,
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agreed oh an new cease-fire in syria, the syrian government officials have stopped fighting a major terrorist group. jonathan elias has more from the terrorism alert desk in washington tonight. >> reporter: from the terrorism aletter desk in washington, d.c., i'm john than elias. the syrian government say as major opposition group will observe a conditional pause in fighting. the group agrees. this announcement comes after u.s. and russia agreed on a new cease-fire that will take effect on saturday. isis has collected millions of dollars in ransom for a group of christians they kip understand napped in sere why a yore ago. at least 230 people are free. the starting point for negotiations was $18 million. we do not know the final dollar total for their release. investigators in november's paris attacks have seized footage containing about 10 hours of video of a senior belgian nuclear official. now, that is all investigators would say tabata video. they found that fog during a
6:38 pm
with the attacks that left 130 people dead. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, d.c., i'm jonathan elias. well, now let's send things back out to news 4's terri hendry. she is live at reno high school with the latest from the republican caucus there. >> reporter: shelby, one thing we haven't talked about in this whole process is the precinct meetings, that's underway now going on behind me and what is taking place is you can come here, vote, and leave, that is all fine, or you can sit down with your friends and neighbors in your precinct and talk about the candidates, the issues and even the party platform. you're welcome to do both. now, van has mentioned that there was a steady stream of folks coming in to vote and we have seen that here at this location as well. reno high hosts 23 precincts in all. as we meninged last hour, the process is pretty simple and straight forward. after you check in, you get your ballot, you mark it. and unlike the democrats, it is
6:39 pm
primary process. now, system of the precincts began, the 6:00 precinct meetings. again, you can come, vote, participate in your precinct meetings, talk about the candidates, the issues, the platform or if you want, you can just vote and go ahead and leave. this caucus election and the other ones in washoe county are open until 8:30, so you still have plenty of time to cast your ballot as long as you're a registered republicanment for now reporting live from reno high school, i'm terri hendry, back to you guys. all right. thank you so much. coming up in sports, the wolfpack softball team is off to their best start in more than a decade. hear what has been the key to their early season success. we'll have that and more coming up in sports and also more on our warm forecast. we're checking in with colin to
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we are back and we're waiting for this camera to light up. there. it just got in there. and now that is the bottom of squaw. so, you economy what? we're going to be melting some snow. i election is not happy about that. >> no. >> she out ere every week. maybe every day. he lies to us about that. we never know where he is. sports is next. we have a mixed ball of clear skies and thin clouds. but the thin clouds are what presented us from getting to where i thought we'd get to, which is 60 to 62 degrees. i think we'll do it tomorrow because this pattern is kind of weak and blowing on through. and then between here and there, nothing. it is just going to be kind of a heat wave around here again. we have done it before. we have gone to the upper 60s to 70 degrees, but after that we have had a good snow storm. not this week. there's going to be a slight chance of snow on saturday, but not huge. 54 was the average today and that's what we got to roughly. 71 is the record high. thank goodness we're not chasing record lows of minus 11.
6:44 pm
32 is the freezing point so if you're at minus 11, that is like 43 degrees below freezing. that's not comfortable. 34 at truckee that is not bad. fallin at 45 and carson city is coming in at 416789 it is a nice night. it sure was nice in monterey if you can afford it. 75 degrees. what a gorgeous day that must have been at the coast. we were in the 50s. is about got to 70 so all of these numbers are just going to keep on going up. right now we're still in the 40s except for southeast of us a little bit. and around 38. city. so this system is gone. it doesn't look like much in the satellite and it is not. it just provided cloud cover and that is going to disappear. the high pressure will be strong and get us up into numbers that are almost 20 degrees above average for this time of year so passing clouds for wednesday and thursday. in the a big deal no rainfall expected from that, but gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. we love your pictures.
6:45 pm
and if you're in the northeastern section of the state, overnight low also be cold. in you eka, down to 10. and then we rebound into the mid 40s and mid 50s, which isn't too bad. austin, eureka will be in the upper 40s to 50s as well. winnemucca goes to 57. not bad. upper 50s to low 60s. overnight lows will still be below freezing in many spots, and then we get you in the 27 to 32 range here. you know what? remember, the average high is 53. so if we get you to these numbers, that is easily 10 degrees above average and i think everyone will be there for mostly sunny skies. overnight lows in the mid to upper 20s except truckee and then upper 50s at times in spots and 60 is within range on friday. let's go to susanville. most locations between 60 and 63. mostly sunny. winds southeast at 10 to 15 miles per hour.
6:46 pm
freezing in the reno-sparks area as most others here. washoe valley about the same. 63, virginia foothills. and if you have kids and you're shipping them off to school tomorrow, a chilly start around 34. so bundle them up. but that is the time of yore they want their jackets off by noon. it is going to be nice. low 60s to mid 60s for carson city. 30% chance of light rain on saturday and it is a 30% chance of light snow for south lake tahoe. highs mid 50s to low 50s. the spring is back. upper 60s to 70 on friday. here is your ski report. alex? custom made, huh? >> i don't like these long droughts. it is just a bummer. >> with all of the sunshines, it is hard to get my kids to even wear a jackets. and we went down to homewood and did their snow experience. >> back country. >> it is so cool. they take you into the back country and so cool.
6:47 pm
that in a couple of weeks. it was a good time out there. >> good weather for that. we're talking about wolfpack basketball and i was listen on the radio, unlv. that was a heart broker of the loss. >> i'm watching it and jumping up and down and you think the game is over. >> and they tight it up. >> right at the buzzer. >> there were weird things. did the clock start on time. did he travel? it should have been a technical so many things went wrong, but in the end nevada loses a tough loss, but they'll have to bounce back and they'll have a chance to do that on wednesday. one of the best qualities of this team has been its ability to bounce back. even after tough losses. that feels like a gut punch. the team has dropped two straight only once this entire year and it has not happened yet. the guys talked about how they have been able to do that. >> probably because it is an uncomfortable few days until we play our next game, and, you
6:48 pm
little bit in practice and in our intensity and film session. >> we don't want to deal with the coach. but i would say we don't like losing and we feel like we should win every game. i say that multiple times. it is one of the things about us this year, we hate losing, so we just really focus on that. >> we want revenge on the next team from our previous loss, and that's what really helps us gate win. >> nevada looking to return to the win column wednesday night at waller against utah state, a team they did beat in logan in a shoot-out a couple of weeks ago. it is also fan appreciation day. ticket tickets can be purchased online. use the promo code and $5 is it. you have to do it online, though. the tip-off is set for 7:00. the coach also announced that the former stand out john carlson has joined the program as a walk-on. he said the players have already been impressed with his abilities. he said he won't be able to
6:49 pm
will be a big impact during the team's practice sessions. what a difference it makes for the wolfpack's season. the ladies are off to their best start in over a decade. the pack were back out at practice today following a 5-0 weekend in las vegas to improve to 8-2 on the season. their best start since 2004. here is what they had to say about their early season success coming out of the gate. >> last year i think that our slow start really carried ourselves all the way through the season. it was a challenge for us to kind of get over the hump on that slow start so this year getting off to the opposite start is just great situation for us. >> we're pretty balanced right now. we came out the first week i think a little nervous. we had our ups and downs, but this last weekend i feel like we found our rhythm and hopefully we stayed to it. >> basically the biggest strength is we have no doubt. there are no big holes. so if someone doesn't get their job done, there is a high likelihood that they're going to pick us up. you don't have to have that doubt. everyone on the team is going to do what they have to do t.o.
6:50 pm
>> it is great. you can't explain the feeling of winning again and having fun. it is a game. it is supposed to be fun. >> sweet. who you just saw having fun all right, the senior mountain west player of the week after clobbering the ball this past weekend, 7-14 at the plate show had three home runs, nine runs batted in, and it is your first weekly honor and the first time for the program since erin jones did it back in 2014. the ladies will try to keep it going this weekend at the invitational in santa clara. and the western conference leading reno big horns had an early morning date set with the way hawks. we'll pick up the action late in the first half. the bayhawks with the steal quickly getting the bucket, the other way. but you know what? reno rolling at this point. they're up by 20. let's go to the final minute and a half. the ball gets kicked around. erick green comes up with it. check out this three-point shot. unbelievable effort. he knocks it in. the big horns win big. 130-105. >> and also, guys, pac baseball team, they're in action now
6:51 pm
state. they're doing really well. up 6-1. good start for them as well. >> will they have a home game coming up? >> they're going to have another road game and i'm going to be doing the games on the radio, and so that will be another fun and one more week at air force and a week after that they eat be at home against new mexico. >> a success story. >> that was a pleasant surprise. they have had a good injections of pitching. and i was talking to her and she was a big recruit coming out of high school, a lot of big power five offers, and she has been a big impact on the mound. they feel real confident this season, so it is exciting to see things turn around. >> keep it going a little momentum helps. >> and the swimming and diving team, champions. >> a good time to with at school here. >> thank you, alex. stay with us.
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final check on your forecast. welcome back, everyone. i'm madison corney. throughout the evening our news 4 team will be bringing you the latest updates on the nevada republican caucuses.
6:56 pm
voters gathered at 28 caucus locations across washoe county tonight and more than 130 caucus sites statewide. the caucuses aren't expected to wrap up until about 8:30 this evening with the results rolling in around 9:00. we'll be bringing you the latest numbers here on news 4 each hour as they become available and also on our web site, and, of course, you can catch in-depth coverage of the republican caucus results tonight on news 4 at 11:00. join me and joe hart for all things decision 2016. back over to you. >> i guess i'm working late tonight. [ sorry about that! >> we have dinner out there for you, joe. sorry. >> and colin is back. not much to talk about as far as the weather is concerned, but warmer temperatures. >> we are getting up there, yeah. today was mid 50s which is about average this time of year. we're thinking low 60s testimony and then thursday, friday, upper 60s to 70. not out of the question a little cooler into the weekend with a slight chance of rain. in the a big one.
6:57 pm
carson city and then lake tahoe has a 30% chance of morning snow, but that is really it. so the last time we had a big heat wave, we had a lot of snow and this time it does in the appear that way. some people are happy about that, others are not. >> it is time to get back out on the golf course. >> that is it for us on news 4 nightly. stay with us as madison said
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your tonight ins an erin andrews court ca


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